Dry January, Take Two

31 days alcohol free? Whose idea is this? I admit, it sounded impossible to the point of ridiculous. Yet, there had to be something to it with so many people giving it a go. Maybe I should try it, I thought. But just as quickly, that thought was replaced by questioning my sanity. I didn't... Continue Reading →

More than just a Chair

There's an entire world of props that can be used in a yoga class but perhaps none as versatile as a yoga chair. Often when people hear the term "chair yoga" they think of a class where all the participants are seated, moving through modified poses. And that's generally how most "chair yoga" classes are... Continue Reading →

Mother nature knows best

Whether you realize it or not, going outdoors can play a bigger role in your overall health and wellbeing than you might imagine. What we see, hear, experience in our environment not only affects our mood, but also how our body functions. Current research shows that spending time in nature can be beneficial to our... Continue Reading →

Glitter and Glue

Over time, who we admire and why usually shifts as our life experiences grow.  Over time, as we meet  new people we're given the opportunity to cultivate rich new relationships.  These new friendships can be the sweet nectar of life, helping us discover new things about ourselves and others, adding new dimensions to our days.... Continue Reading →

Facing Your Fascia

What do leading yoga teachers like Ambika Selvan (pictured at left) and KU’s nationally acclaimed Strength & Conditioning Coach Andrea Hudy and tennis balls have in common? Besides the fact that they’re awesome in their own right, each is at the forefront of delivering myofascial release in an effort to both preserve and enhance mobility.... Continue Reading →

The Basics: Child’s Pose

Child's pose is calming, easy on your lower back and offers a nice gentle stretch for your neck, spine & hips. Here's a great guide from Yoga Journal to get you started! You can even rest your head on a cushion or block if you'd like. Do it when you need to take a minute... Continue Reading →

Yoga for all

Greetings,  If you've found this page it is likely because you're interested in trying yoga or would like to learn more.  I'm a certified yoga instructor serving students in Lawrence and Topeka.  I teach in several studios, group settings and workplaces in the two communities.  I'll be posting more details and information about yoga on... Continue Reading →

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